Fat replacer in baked goods

Dovetailing from yesterdays guilty pleasure confessional and in keeping with a baked goods theme, here is an abstract from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. An experiment I partnered on in food studies lab in fall 0’06 was submitted for last years ADA conference held in Philadelphia. They accepted ours and published it. It was quite a surprise and had no idea our professor submitted it. Quite an honor indeed. Though the class worked wonders to keep me away from baked goods for most of the semester. I found all the sugar and shortening some recipes called for, well, not exactly my cup of tea. Baking is the art that is science I prefer remains a mystery to me.

For the project we chose to use tofu as a fat replacer. Searching through PubMed, Medline and other databases turned up no prior related studies. I figured a lot of what is done with tofu may come out of the vegan and vegetarian baking world. Also, my lab partners and I were not interested to use any of the fat replacers invented in a lab. We decided to use something closer to nature. Though this logic doesn’t work well with soy products either as over eighty percent of soy is GM.

On a vegan, wholesome baking note..

Tomorrow I’ll tap about a great new cookie coming from some ovens in Breckenridge, Colorado. Come back for the third installment of this impromptu Cookie Monster series.


Obey the cookie–resistance is futile..

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