A bite for SKINdrop

Some years ago a dear friend of mine left Gotham and headed west. After visiting her sister in Breckenridge, Colorado she decided to stay and set up shop there. She worked at a spa in town for a while establishing herself as a member of the community and building a client base. Recently she opened her own spa, SKINdrop, and began developing a product line which is currently in development. I’ve been waiting and wondering when she would launch her empire and am thrilled for the star reaching trajectory her life and career will undoubtedly take.

A modern day renaissance woman indeed. Christina is a talented writer and has a stunning sense of design and aesthetic; her creative, professional, and business acumen are impeccable. She happens to be one of the original inspirations to my own creative endeavors so I am thrilled to tap about her here.

Christina is also a devotee of the baking arts. To complement her spa and product line she has created A bite for line of cookies. She is testing and perfecting about a dozen varieties, all baked in small batches in her sisters commercial kitchen. And all of which are sold before they’ve had a chance to cool and attract any shoe flies.

I’ve been biting on A bite to look outta sight, her antioxidant-rich beautifying cookie. They are crispy, crunchy, and chewy with rolled oats, unbleached flour, maple syrup, dark chocolate chips, and dried blueberries. They’re intended to ‘counteract the destructive and inflammatory nature of sweeteners’ and to ‘turn your sweet tooth into sweet youth.’ I’ve been loving their yumness and textures since I finally broke down and opened my bag. They’re keeping fresh even after a few days, which is perfect for this reluctant cookie monster.

The recipes for Christinas’ A bite for cookies are vegan and use the highest quality ingredients. They are pure decadence. But if you prefer your cookies be a nutritional void, this would not be the one for you. Though you’ve read this far, figure we’ve got that particular demographic around here, or you will be once you’ve seen, read, thought, and eaten in that light..

A bite for cookies are not yet available in any stores, but you can place your order with Christina by e-mail. Send your request to abitefor@yahoo.com. As Christina’s spa and product line develop, and when her website is launched, I’ll post updates here for you and you and you..


Obey the cookie–resistance is futile..

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