Daily Prandium—April edition

Welcome to the April edition of Daily Prandium. I hope you’re enjoying reading as much as I am growing and evolving with it every day. This month’s editorial calendar is booking up and will include amuse bouches, more of my personal takes on heuvos and variations of favourite recipes, perhaps a poetical if the inspiration blows that way, musings on fine and simply good restaurant meals, and more sharing is caring with two boss poodles. Prandium of the week continues upcoming in it’s second week, keeping score of what is new, fresh, and local, as well as what goodness harks from faraway found at our Gotham markets, served on small plates and in my favourite bowls. We’ll trek with Wildman Steve Brill foraging for mid-Spring edibles in our beloved Gotham parks. There will be more from the sakura front later this month when Daily Prandium visits the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for their Sakura Matsuri. We’ll check out more auction eats and see what the fleas are biting on during hunting season. A Commercial hit is in the works with a piece about GE and a commercial from their Ecomagination campaign, as well as bags full of other goodies. As always, please take Daily Prandium with a pinch of salt grains—right hand over left shoulder. Life is too serious to be taken too seriously.

Thank you for your continued eyeballs support.

Buen provecho et bon nuit..

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