Prandium this week

Perhaps a new cyber friend and fellette blogger Amloki, who writes about writing, will appreciate this dilemma. I am tapping under a Monday deadline for a new freelance writing job I started last week. For every word I tap it seems I take three bites of food or five sips of something to drink. I’m thrilled for the appetite but I’m beginning to notice the mini-muffin pooch slowly oozing back into my life. I’ve been bad all around really. I’ve been eating mindlessly and for procrastination—it’s part of the writer’s process—but I haven’t been going to pilates or doing the big hikes with poodles recently. The weather is warmer and the sun peeps out some afternoons for tea. It’s time to get back on that wagon and zip up for summer.

Here you’ll see that I am biting on quite a lot this week. This morning I visited my dearest Fairway. I forgot to eat the morning bowl of oat bran beforehand—which is coming along swell otherwise; I love the stuff—and wound up buying more than the larder needed restocking of. Though a lot of what’s listed carried over from last week and plan to eat this week. Also, I haven’t been to the Greenmarket yet this week; the list will be updated when I do.

Prandium this week..

Café au lait (Porto rico fair trade beans & Fairway milk)
McCann’s oat bran (Ireland)
Liberté yoghurt—peach, poire, raspberry (Canada)
Post frosted mini wheats—they use real sugar, no HFCS
Puffins peanut butter puffs
Murray’s roast poulet (Gotham)
Fairway chicken bouillon (Gotham)
Fairway rustic baguette (Gotham)
Huevos (Fairway brand, local)
Adzuki beans
Fairway homemade ravioli (NY)
Nina whole peeled plumb tomatoes (Italy)
Poblano peppers
Red Fresno peppers
Baby red and white potatoes
Cabot five thousand month super extra sharp cheddar (VT)
Cotswold cheese
Goat cheese (VT)
Dearest Fairway petite marinated mozzarella balls (Gotham)
Fairway mozzarella
Tuscano Molinari hot salimi (Italy)
Fairway pepperoncinis
Pepperoni (Italy)
Avocado (Viva Mexico!)
Pink grapefruits (FL)
Three blood oranges (CA)
D’Anjou pears (USA)
Baby field greens, baby spinach and baby arugula mix (CA)
Endive (CA)
Baby carrots
Meyer lemon (CA)
Olio (Italy)
Balsamic vinegar (Italy)
Cabot’s (good) butter (VT)
Dijon moutard (France)
Melinda’s XXXtra hot sauce
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper
Popcorn (Northeast organic home pop kernels)
Kozy chocolate pudding
Sour patch kids
Beth’s triple ginger cookies
Balocco amaretto cookies
Seltzer (NJ)
Badoit (France)
Zico coconut water (Brazil)
Peppermint tea
Green tea

This week I’m detecting a noticeable sweet tooth, but my craving for hot is also strong. Last week I read Jeffrey Pilcher’s ¡Que vivan los tamales! It has me inspired to make my own chili sauce. The poblano peppers are to make chile relleno. The red Fresnos are what I’ll use to experiment. They’re not too hot so I won’t blow my tastebuds out taste testing as I go. Once I figure out the recipe, I’ll kick it up some notches—to habenero. It seems pre-Columbian recipes used turkey stock. But I’ll use chicken, which is what became predominant in Viva Mexico after those men on horses rode through. If you love Mexican food and are interested to learn about the culture, definitely check out the Pilcher text—an altogether enlightening read. And easily falls under stuff gringas like.

Buen provecho et bon nuit..

Addendum—The menu is sorely lacking for dark leafy greens. Will fix that tout de suite.

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1 Response to Prandium this week

  1. damyantig says:

    Procastination is my middle name, and if you head over to my daily, casual blog, you will know that I am not averse to good food either:)

    Hope you got the job done, and if you havent, well, just get it done already will ya? *kidding*

    Btw, yummy list there!

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