Gross out safe treyf

I made my way back downtown to HSF today. The restaurant is at a diagonal opposite, to the south and east, from my abode on this island of Gotham. That is pretty far. HSF happens to be where I had dim sum the first time ever, sometime around 0’95 or 0’96. I didn’t realize until I went back today and saw the alley that leads up to it, if you approach from the interior of Chinatown. I walked around from Grand, then down Bowery.

A woman with a dim sum push cart rolled over and I ordered some baskets of shrimp, vegetable, and shrimp and pork dim sum. I requested chicken feet. She brought it from the back since it wasn’t on her push cart. I feel terrible I didn’t eat the chicken feet. It was a job and I wasn’t feeling adventurous today. The weather returned to grey and misty. Though I liked the grey glow sitting near the window. I think it’s captured in the pics.

Heading over to HSF, I spotted a place on Grand, near Bowery with dripping succulent Peking dead duck hanging in the window. I thought of heading back after shooting chicken feet, but then filled up on dim sum. Next time. This is going to be my new addiction and will head back there soon. I’m going to add Peking dead duck specialist to my cv.

Sihk juhk et bon nuit..

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