Prandium this week

The larder is running low—on the fresh produce end; there’s never a shortage of starch—and haven’t been to the Greenmarket in the past week. This doesn’t look pretty.

Prandium this week..

Café au lait (Porto rico fair trade beans & Fairway milk)
180th street café con leche
McCann’s oat bran (Ireland)
Liberté yoghurt
Post frosted mini wheats—they use real sugar, no HFCS
Puffins peanut butter puffs
Huevos (Fairway brand, local)
Annie’s smack’n’cheese
Baby peas sautéed with garlic, sel, piper, crp
Cabot five thousand month super extra sharp cheddar (VT)
Goat cheese (VT)
Pepperoni (Italy)
Monsu apples (NY)
Pink grapefruits (FL)
D’Anjou pears (USA)
Baby field greens, baby spinach and baby arugula mix (CA)
Endive (CA)
Baby carrots
Meyer lemon (CA)
Olio (Italy)
Balsamic vinegar (Italy)
Cabot’s (good) butter (VT)
Dijon moutard (France)
Melinda’s XXXtra hot sauce
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper
Popcorn (Northeast organic home pop kernels)
Kozy chocolate pudding
Beth’s triple ginger cookies
Seltzer (NJ)
Various bottled sparkling and flat waters
Zico coconut water (Brazil)
Green & Black’s chocolate
“Homemade” baked ziti and meatballs—meat and sauce of unknown origins
Black forest cake
Burrito with three beans and a bunch of fake stuff
A bottle of Sancerre

Buen burp-echo..

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