A weekday afternoon in springtime omelette

The weather has been so fine. Two poodles have been hiking me up to the park and making me practice throwing the ball until my shoulder aches. No worries. I can handle all sorts of aches.

The walks, the sun, the season have me eating more greens, and a lot of eggs. This may be a rare week I eat through an entire dozen. Dearest Fairway has their own label. They’re not bad. But another brand they carry from PA, the yokes are richer and perhaps almost sweet tasting. The eggshells are harder and don’t wind up with little chips in the bowl to fish out with my fingertip. I’m thinking about switching back. But I’ll give my dearly Fairway a couple more shopping trips.

Asparagus currently are coming in from Mexico, but the Michigan crop will hopefully arrive by the end of the month. I emailed my dearest Fairway to find out if they’re going to get a shipment in, and to request that they do. If you haven’t seen it, Asparagus (A Stalk-umentary) tells the story of Michigan asparagus agriculture and the US war on drugs. It made the rounds of the food film festival circuit last summer. It’s a top notch watch, but doesn’t garner the press of a Supersize Me or King Korn. USAmerican asparagus is a tiny sector of agriculture. Nothing like the subsidized commodity that feeds our fast fuel habits and amber waves of golden widgets.

The cheese is cheddar. A generic label, cheese counter wrapped aged NY extra-sharp.

An omelette of asperges and cheddar
Serves one hungry writer

Three organic brown eggs cracked into a bowl and beaten with a fork until yokes and whites are well blended
Five or six thin asparagus stalks, steamed and cut into about one inch pieces
Five or six thin slices of super extra-sharp cheddar
Good butter
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper

Heat olio and good butter in your favourite pan to make omelettes. Pour in beaten eggs and let the bottom seal for a few moments, then add cheddar slices and asparaguys. Season with sel, cracked piper, and crushed red pepper. Turn the heat to medium-low and let the omelette slow cook for some minutes. I like to cover the pan to let the steam make the eggs puff up around the asparaguys, and cheddar slices as they melt into it.

Served with a large glass of seltzer.

Buen provecho..

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