I had a winegasm in Queens..

..and survived to tap the tale.

It’s really not much of a tale, or I’m not tapping it here. But somehow a friend convinced me to drive out to Astoria for dinner and a movie. Amazingly, I didn’t get lost driving there, or getting home. The directions worked and the roads didn’t do that shape shifty thing they seem to do in Queens. So, no anxiety for me, and a fine night for friend and me.

Winegasm is a new place that serves Spanish and Mediterranean inspired small plates. Here is what I would recommend the place for. If you’re a group of single girls living in Astoria, get together there for dinner and drinks to flirt with the Mediterranean inspired men who own the place and the garçons that work there. If you haven’t already been duped by similar tall, dark and deadly types, and aren’t jaded that way, I think could make for an interesting evening.

If you are jaded that way, then enjoy snarky jokes to yourself of this and that, and of wine that isn’t quite full bodied, yet, blue cheese that lacks that blue tang, and lump crab socas that taste great but leave you wondering—is that all there is.

Bon nuit..

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