My Mondrian (des fruits)

They are beautiful. They are delicious. They are local, coming from Upstate New York farms.

In years past, plump, ripe Northeast blueberries would be available not until at least mid-July. As a child, I remember the long wait for local blueberries endured until August. How I suffered then. Now, they arrive the first week of July. Is this, I believe this could be, a reflection on the changing climate. In a show of solidarity to the movements of Green, should I not partake of these lovelies for another few weeks. Ah, the fruitarian’s dilemma.

At the Morningside Heights farmer’s market, they are five US pesos per pint. For fruitarians on an austerity budget, that is a very pricey habit. But they taste so good. And I feel three days younger with each twenty berries I bite.

Buen provecho..

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