Some friends and I didn’t make it to the barbecue some other friends of mine had out at their place somewhere in Brooklyn on the 4th. We were all late getting motivated and out to the festivities, so we had to choose one event. Traffic was terrible and there were multiple wrong turns and backtracks to get from A to B to C. It was also raining, so we opted for what I thought would be an indoor optional event. But we still wound up with raindrops on our heads. The day turned out great and ended with dancing after watching Macy’s 150th fireworks display from a rooftop somewhere else in Brooklyn.

Today, my friend let me know what I surely missed..

From: ND at 10:28 am EST

you missed a good one. m & d didnt come, lots of other people did. we had a ton of food & the rain wasnt really anything to be concerned about.

From: ND at 11:51 am EST

sweet! wish you hadnt missed the gazpacho. it was my first attempt. couldve used a jalapeno tho. i also made dry rub bbq for the first time. no leftovers!

From: ND at 12:35 pm EST

it’s ok, i’m sure there will be others. sometime. in the future…
maybe aug 16th, our block party.
i made 2 difft rubs, one for the brisket and one for the pork tenderloin.
the pork tenderloin kinda made my knees buckle a little bit when i tasted it.

From: ND at 12:56 pm EST

the pork was def my fave. the rub was easy, i found it online – cumin, chili powder, curry powder, brown sugar, black pepper, & threw in a little paprika at the end.
soaked the tenderloins in a brine for about an hour, then hit ’em with the rub, let that sit for a few hours. didnt have a smoker so simply grilled them on high, 3 minutes a side. took about 12 minutes to cook em to perfection, the high heat seared the rub into them and locked in all the juices. mmmm.

From: ND at 1: 28 pm EST

sure, if you want to. i did leave out part of the pork brining/seasoning process where you rinse & dry the tenderloins after you take them out of the brine, then apply just a little bit of oil before you hit them with the rub.

From: ND at 1:32 pm EST

oh! and while i didnt do a mango chutney, which would have complemented it really well, we did serve it with a jarred peach salsa that was still pretty damn good. almost forgot that part. it was such a busy day!

From: ND at 4:09 pm EST

bien sur!

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