The age issue

Betty Fussell is teaching Food Sociology this fall. I registered for her class as one of the two I’ll be taking. A friend tells me her reading list won’t overlap with Marion’s Food Sociology class we both took last fall. Let’s hope not. There’s been some repeat readings in classes beforenamely of the Pollan persuasion. The only upside is saving on the cost of another book. Though rereading and discussing some other facet of a book always has its upsides, of course.

So, it is another day at home. At present moments, I am casting about the internet, reading, scanning, wasting time. But I’m glad I checked in with Vogue’s website. I had seen a headline on Mediabistro’s newsletter that their glossy is one of the big print losers, along with Oprah’s O magazine. I thought I’d give the big V some pageview hits to reinforce good posting.

Their annual Age Issue published this month. I am thrilled to see that my soon-to-be professor, Betty Fussell is featured. She is stunning. And this image reinforces the thought of growing my locks back.

This is all serendipity to me. Her My Kitchen Wars arrived in the mail yesterday. As it’s a home day, it’s slated to bump A Place of Pollan’s Own from its present place. This is very good. After reading his newest essay (disguised as a book), and despite my love of his work, I just haven’t been getting into it enough. I was on such a roll reading back to back the Reichl trilogy; I want to keep going. There’s only five free reading weeks left and want to read through more of my free read list. After this one, it’s back to the corn. I’m also waiting on her The Story of Corn. That one should be enlightening of this gastro-nemesis of mine.

So, ladies and germs, I present to you Betty Fussell..

Buen provecho..

I know this one reads like a pitch for Amazon, but when folks ask me, ‘What’s that?’, and haven’t heard of Pollan, Nestle, Reichl, Fussell, et al.., it’s just easier to add the links and you can read about for yourself. On another, though related note.. Considering the press about Googling, for all the ‘What’s thats’ I gets from folks, makes me wonder if all the other press about the state of illiteracy is not off the mark.

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