Light music, light video, some bbq

This was tapped at a bar somewhere in Brooklyn. I decided to leave it unedited. It seems appropriate to the event. So keep your red pens and pencils in their holsters..

its pretty damn typical of me. tonight I drove out to Brooklyn for some friends variety show–a reading, some poems and brief verse, a video they set some sounds to, and their show, an abbreviated version of the band they were, before D finally split from his wife.

the email this morning said bbq. there’s two bbqs out back o this place but its diy and I dnb (did not bring) because I did not know. but I did bring an appetite. I’d saved a meal to break ribs with friendly sorts.

so, I spotted little Mexican joints around the blocks nearby here and mental ntoed them. must be in a psychic mode–must be the doc I watched late last night–super high me–but no I was not super high nore even demi or petite high. it did provide some yucks. and made me see whatever I wrote before likely requires major red markings.

back to the no show bbq. the cafe bar offers a piles of local menus in a broken box to phone for delivery. I sat out back in the garden and I flipped a few nos and came to baracuda menu, a trifold. quick scan, my eyes are trained, I had no idea, I swear, to find cheese fries with gravy from a pile of menus.

Mm. the cheese fries and gravy do go well with the pickles. did I mention this is a top three all time favourite guilty pleasure food. Pure yumness when they’re yumness.

Buen provecho..

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