Father knows best

‘A scholar is always made alone, and sober. Studies can be pursued to good purpose only by yourself.’

My searches haven’t turned up a proper citation for this quote. So, whether John Adams really said it or not, I have not a clue. But with ten months left to finish graduate studies and this week off from (paid) work to focus on my work (payment tbd), I think it’s best to make it my motto.

It is the dog days of summer. Last week in the muggy, the tree peepers began rehearsing their vibrato symphony, and last night, a pre-autumnal wind came in. It’s cool and still in the breeze today. Some clouds, cool, no need for the fan. The poodles are plotting an escape; we all need a mitochondrial jumpstart. So, off we go with balls to run them until they drop again and leave me to read.

Bon appétit..

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