Decadent skewer

More truth. I am out of habit of tapping here, faithfully everyday. But thirty or sixty days will make a habit for me yet again.

And at present, I’m focused on making a Monday through Friday classwork schedule. This is not going as planned as I was sent on assignment Saturday to cover a beekeeping event for class. So, today I spent reading the news and reading about writing the news, then also, writing news, writing for myself, and then cringing at the edits for news I had written.

My skin is very thick. Nothing can penetrate it. Except perhaps a bee sting.

What about food? What about food? I ate. Quite a lot actually. I think after nearly a month without a car and suffering the local markets, a trip to my dearest Fairway last weekend got the salivary juices flowing again.

Mm. Who can resist nearly a pound of Prosciutto Di Parma and slices of ripe cantaloup. “Not me,” said the flea sister.

Ok. If this were a class assignment, even one of these early-semester ungraded ones, I can imagine I’d be in trouble with TH (my professor). I have no pictures and really am not saying very much.

Today’s tapping, quite frankly, is naval gazing. There. I tapped it. Naval gazing. Naval gazing. I’ve been wanting to tap that expression for some time. I read it somewhere late last year. Somebody was criticizing the blogosphere, that it’s full of naval gazers.

Tomorrow I’ll tap about something very important. Something very near and dear to my heart, and all seven some odd trillion cells banging around more or less densely packed inside of me. A new documentary opened this past week. Come back and lend me your eyeballs and learn about Flow.

Buen provecho..

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