Hustle to Flow

There’s a new must-see environmental documentary, Flow, that opened this week. The trailer is available here:

Watching just the trailer made me cringe. It’s the guilty conscience sort of cringe. Imagine how I’ll feel Thursday night walking out of the theatre. It’s because I am guilty. I drink bottled water. Fancy bottled waters like Badoit, Pelegrino, Fiji and Vulvic. Then also Poland Spring and Saratoga (when I’m right coast, which is most of my life) and Calistoga (when I’m left coast, which will hopefully be the rest of my life).

But I’ve had a reason, or excuse, for imbibing of the bottled waters. Though I realize, to some extent, (achem) doesn’t hold water. . .

Since the AP published findings (that was back in March) of pharmaceuticals found in the tap water supplies of major urban areas around the US, Gotham included, along with my fear of chlorine’s effects on my digestive system, I’ve been somewhat afraid to drink tap water. And I remain unimpressed with Gotham and certain top level nutritionists’ and food elites’ official and unofficial responses—we’ve got the best and safest water in the world. That’s just not the answer folks.

I realize it’s important to wean myself from the bottle if I want to live the live-the-change-I-want-to-see kind of existence. Over the weekend, friends asked me, “What’s the possible solution?” and “What’s an alternative?” I don’t know. What is the answer? Advocacy? More press? Lobby government?

My question to the issue remains—why is it that nobody is concerned about pharmaceuticals found in the tap water supply, but tankards of raw milk are dumped if they test positive for antibiotics found in the milk supply? At present, there’s no affordable, simple tests for detecting therapeutic hormones in milk. For both water examined in the investigation and ongoing milk testing, both examined samples in the parts per billion.

Something’s fishy and it’s not the sturgeon swimming in the Hudson..

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1 Response to Hustle to Flow

  1. ecobore says:

    In Canada they are granting HUGE water conglomerates the rights to exploit the local water resources (in the face of public outcry) I will ONLY buy bottled water for use in the car. Transporting water 100s of miles is insanity! Tap water is safe is you use a good reverse osmosis filtration system (or very good charcoal activation.) We have a problem with nitrates in our drinking water and these filters work fine chez moi.
    I am running one of these (but you do need to make sure the water pressure is not too high beforehand or you will blow it up!)

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