Bill Maher

Internet access is cut off tonight. This is being filed from handheld. A brief response to what’s on the television.

There’s a panelist (author of The Conservative Soul) on Bill Maher tonight who just said, “Get five of your friends who aren’t racist and get them to vote for Obama.” According to him, this vote will contribute to the paradigm change that Obama’s nomination reflects is happening in the US. I’m wondering, is it the vote of the non-racists that will create the shift, or the vote of five of your racist and closeted racist friends that need to cast an Obama vote to create this change?

Relatedly, NYMag published an article that contained the expression ‘Wallmart moms’ in the headline (though haven’t read yet). I’ve gotten in trouble for Wallmart vote comments in the past, but isn’t the paradigm in going after them too and helping them see what they think looks good isn’t really good for them.

Maybe any so called paradigm shift they’re talking about is with the haters and the folks in the middle.

Ok. I’m not political. But I undertand basics of mobilizing the mobs. They get used and abused; how about using them for a lesser evil.

Good night.

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