One good meal lakeside

The red night sailors delight was a bit misleading. The next day turned out to be grey, not rainy; the heavy atmosphere slowed everyone down..

Or were we still digesting from the moules and clams in the tastiest homemade moules brodo this side and even west of the Miss iss ippi..

Girl, C’s moules and clams in a tasty brodo
Serves three hungry people at a lakeside setting

2 pound bag of moules, washed and de-bearded (if not already de-bearded)
1 dozen cherrystone clams, washed
1 bottle good white cooking wine
A couple shallots
Good butter
The rest remains a mystery to me

Take a large pot that was once suitable for cooking pasta dinners for a family of four, but now seems strangely small and sauté the shallots with butter and olio until tender. Pour in the good white cooking wine and the mystery seasonings and let heat to a simmer. Then carefully place the still-living moules and clams in the pot and use a large wooden spoon to mix them with the simmering ingredients. Cover the pot and let them steam cook to their deaths and until they are well-cooked.

Serve with a good crusty Italian-style bread from the local bakery, having opting to go there instead of settling for the sad loafs proffered at the local farmer’s market.

Buen provecho..

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