Food muse

Class this semester has me reporting and writing about religion, politics, voting and other relevant topics for the news-writing newbie to cut teeth on. But class does not send me spot assigning about food. On top of my academic focus being diverted from food, my mind and mouth have also been somewhat diverted from the topic. Though that is what Daily Prandium is for, to provoke me into the kitchen, things haven’t tapped, or chopped, that way for some time.

I haven’t cooked anything since the roast chicken. Not even an omelette. I’ve been to the farmer’s market in Morningside and upstate in Ithaca, and there is one farm stand I stalk for their concord grapes. Otherwise, I haven’t been following or advancing personal food ways and thinking, and admit I’ve been resting on so-called food laurels.

This post isn’t going anywhere specific either. Except to tap that I’ll be posting photos and captions over the coming weeks until the food muse graces me again. After the weekend spent for my little sister’s wedding, I’m imagining, or hoping, the muse returns to me in the form of something, someone, to inspire in all the ways that leads someone to the chapel of prandium.


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