Sushi in your pocket

There’s something fishy going on at the Monterey Bay Aquarium this month and it’s not just swimming around and around in the sardine tank. I’m tapping about it here because these programs reach well beyond Cannery Row to folks nationwide.

On October 22nd, the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) will launch the Sushi Seafood Guide. This new addition to MBA’s popular Seafood Watch series of pocket guides will provide sushi diners an easy-to-use and portable solution to the what to eat conundrum. Next time you’re dining out at Nobu, Masa or the neighborhood crappy Japanese joint*, “you’ll be able to make seafood choices that please the palate and protect the world’s ocean wildlife.” The new pocket guide is available free and can be pre-ordered here.

Take the Sushi Watch pledge..

If food and environment are top priority issues for you, and you’re comfortable chatting with your local sushi restaurant chefs, take your participation a few steps further to become a Sushi Watch Advocate. The MBA site asks that you take a pledge, the form is available here, and they’ll send you a Seafood Watch Action Kit. It’s a small effort to help with this fishy cause.

Now let’s party like the fishes Under the Sea..

What food advocacy and education efforts would be complete without a National Sushi Party. The information for this one’s listed on Facebook. The ‘dinner’ takes place between October 22 and 28. That should be sufficient time for everyone to find a date. Why not make it a Sadie Hawkins. Ok. Maybe not.


*The expression relates to one specific place nearby where I live. But perhaps if you live in Gotham, you’ll know what I’m tapping about.

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