Naval gazing Thursday

It’s cold
Not biting
Smell’s burning outside
I breathed it in here
I did
Head up, nose into it
Ribs opened sideways
And pulled it in

Coals glow there
Something plastic thrown in the fire and melts on a log
Beers tipped
Passed smokables around a pit
I hate fuzzy white bunnies
Or move over and avoid them
Album changes in a low room through the window
Some kids start moving with it

Outside here, it’s asphalt
Piss marks little man won’t bother with now
Curb near Two Tree hosts a small gathering of leaves
Pads his stream
Until it’s too contaminated
City dog

Not broken slate slabs, gravel or a leaning wall
Not slow and low is the tempo
Along a dirt drive
It’s dark
No moon’s up yet
Lazy man won’t come out
Then the earth ‘ll have to kick him on his way ’round noon tomorrow

Inside here, I stay wrapped
To get this tapped
Breath short breaths
And keep that smell in my nose

I know
It’s that time again
Every year it’s the same
Witch and brew
But that’s not my crew
A glass raised in stead

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