Lucia redux

Avis was not working the day I arrived again at the little market hanging at the edge of California’s wild and wooly Central Coast. But when I spotted this in the cooler, couldn’t help myself and took the picture. Yes, I admit it reminded me of the mad drive on 1 through and despite fog, wind, rain and falling rocks over a year earlier.  I have moved on from the madness of that heart’s hope dashed. This year’s trip gifted me kindly of love, compassion and community. For real and plain as day.

I must get back to the chapter I went to write, in solitude — ha! It is an ambitious one, for a novice writer to weave two stories, parallel in place separated by two periods in time, with two distinct sets of experience, emotions, meals and spirit. I think when I write and edit it successfully will come away a better writer for it.


An excerpt from Joseph Campbell is posted on Esalen’s website. Before heading west, it struck at the fear and doubt and anxiety I felt that nearly drove me to stay home. Glad is a lousy word for one mistake thankdogfully I did not make.

“I don’t know where it is—but I feel just now pretty sure that it isn’t in books. — It isn’t in travel. — It isn’t in California. — It isn’t in New York. …Where is it? And what is it, after all?”

Just a day or two into my seven days bliss, my answer to it became clear as day.

It’s in me. It is me.

It has a lot and everything to do with compassion and love and community. The ‘things’ given me I will practice sharing with others.

Big hugs..

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