Ice cream season is officially open

It’s still cold out and my hands are slowly and only barely recovering from how dry they become in winter weather. But on my way back from Mum’s lake place, in Whitney Point, before the turnout to route 81, I spot’d an ice cream stand. It was open for business. Hurrah! It’s just springtime and folks were all wrapped in coats. Well, to me, ice cream is a winter food — the fat and sugar are good for keeping, well, fat and warm. Regardless of my habits, ice cream stands remain a summertime pastime.


Still screaming, still foolish..

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1 Response to Ice cream season is officially open

  1. kevin says:

    i cant wait to get up to vermont for maple creamies.

    you should come by Union Square
    my farmer has the best greens, green eggs,
    squash blossoms, and a ton of other stuff.

    Windfall Farms

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