Buttercup that I dream of . . .

The wife of an old friend from the homestead we harked from many many moons ago made a delicious sounding (reading?) soup. Buttercup Squash. Not butternut. Her mother-in-law planted the buttercup variety last summer on something of a whim and there are many or several of these buttercup squashes up yonder on their homestead near about Lake Cayuga. I haven’t had a chance to make it yet. But she wrote about it and wanted to post the link to her recipe.

Buttercup Squash Soup

If you get a chance to make it post a comment because you know, sharing is caring . . .

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1 Response to Buttercup that I dream of . . .

  1. Ken Albala says:

    Wish I knew what a buttercup squash was, then I would give it a try. I bought this big green honking football-shaped squash at the market last week. Looks more like a watermelon than a squash, and was called a something-or another-chayote in spanish. I wish I wrote it down. SO pretty I haven’t had the guts to kill it yet.

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