It’s quite an unfinished space. But what does one need to work. A sturdy, or hopefully sturdy enough, work surface, a chair, good natural light looking out on a pleasant outdoor environment. For me the latter is fairly necessary, and standard.

Having relocated from mi casa overlooking Hudson, I am now in residence at Soldier’s house in a small southern New Hampshire town where we’ll make a home together this spring and summer.

I am cooking again, and have recently taken up baking. A big shock to me that I have developed this strong urge to bake. I ran screaming from advanced food science class some years ago from now. After a semester of so much APF and white sugar sifting, and Crisco, I could not eat so much as a beloved Balthazar croissant much less any other sort of baked good for almost nearly a year. Here I am today having recently baked little pie-lettes for San Bodhi-tines Day, and waded my way through disparate recipes for scones to produce a fine small batch of cheddar-green onion, and currant scones. Next up will be [secret and secret pending Soldier’s birthday dinner this coming Sunday], and strufolli for Easter Sunday.

Daily Prandium served me well during grad school 1.0 to trick me into eating when my appetite was still fairly nil. Now DP will be put to use as I am hungry, and I am loving again. Planting has begun too. And new litters of roaster and layers chickens will arrive in mid-April and mid-May.

The plan seemed so grandiose when I started out, back when Red Girl was a wee pup. The iterations of humility, and character building and failures have bean the reoccurring lessons to keep me trained on this wandering path. And now I am at a door of my own creation. I remain unsure quite what it is. But it all makes perfect sense, and the dots, even the ugly ones, all seem in a logical connection and progression to The Place I Have To Be.


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