Spring harvest backyard farmer breakfast

Chopping, measuring, shredding, mixing and all the prepping for Soldier’s birthday dinner this evening will begin a little later this morning.

While we were walking about outdoors enjoying the thawing frost talking about the coop and where the birthday gifted birdhouse chicken coop will go the thought dawned to use the chives that are sprouted to make an omelette …

An omelette in NH

3 freshest eggs from no longer spring chickens fork beaten with piper and CRP into a well-preheated pan

Fine chop the dewy fresh chives & put all over top of the eggs that are forming a good seal on the pan bottom

Lower the heat to midway (I’m cooking on an electric stove)(It’s like learning to cook all over again except now I’m making all the mistakes I never made on a gas stove)

On top of the omelette, which will remain open face, spoon good dollops of Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery goat cheese leftover from a meal of quisadillas

Put a too big lid on top of omelette pan to help the omelette top cook through

Serve with toasted sweet buttered “English” muffins from Prim Rose Bakery on Stafford Road in Tiverton, RI and New Hampshire Cider Works sweet apple cider

Post script

Soldier says, “That was yum mee.”


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