Late winter/early spring foraging

Today turned out to be a beautiful day for foraging in Central Park. It was occasionally sunny and warm enough to wear light layers–a one puffy day. Though it is a little early in the season and the edibles are just in their infancy. Either way I enjoyed getting out for the hike and made a couple new friends.

We did peep some buds of carnelian cherry, very baby sheep’s sorrel and dandelion, also common spice bush, and northern bayberry, or rather the leftover bay leaves from last season. Nobody was hungry enough to taste the jet berries. That was a trick–it’s a poisonous ornamental.


I’m planning to make this a regular topic for Daily Prandium. Every few weeks I’ll join Wildman Steves’ tours around the five boroughs. I’ll keep you and you and you posted as the seasons progress and of the edibles that grow in our fair city. I am looking forward to black cherry and berry season but as we all know they won’t be for several months.

Until then, this month I continue to enjoy a prandium of cold storage Northeast orchard fruit, honeybells, and kiwi..

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