First night in VT

For once padding my travel start time worked. My colleague and navigator, E arrived a few minutes early this morning. We packed the car and were on our way. Some cops vibed me for double parking outside café con leche on 180th but a vibe back sent them rolling on by. The ride was smooth with minimally invasive traffic. Chatting with E made the six hours door to door seem more like three.

New York State Thruway rest stops are dog friendly; they have dog greens. The poodles were happy to stretch out and sniff around a while. They’re lodging a few miles away at a doggy b&b. It’s their first time at such a place—a kennel. Red girl will love the orgy of dogs to play with but I’m worried little man will wind up the headless dogman before week’s end. This is an experiment in socializing him; I hope I don’t wind up regretting it. I’ll head over in the morning before class begins to check on them. The other lodgers there were stunning, especially a sweet and shy Doberman. He seemed harmless inside his 8’x8’ room, but they’re lethal like any other tall, dark, and handsome fella.

As for my lodging accommodations, falling into a deep nap in such a cush bed like I haven’t laid in a while was rejuvenating, refreshing from the day’s haul to keep me up and tap some keys. No troubles logging onto the b&b wireless network so don’t let me slack with posts throughout the week. Like I tapped yesterday, I’ll be posting the assigned journal entries—two birds with one stone, priceless.

E & I missed the rest of the class enjoying libations and victuals at a brew pub and at American Flatbread in town. We decided to stay behind and order dishes they recommended us. I’ll pass the recommendations along to you and you and you. We ordered a small flatbread with New Vermont Sausage and Punctuated Equilibrium toppings. I’m not sure how a theory in evolution relates to a vegetarian flatbread style pizza but it was delicious. The ingredients on both were delicate, not heavy handed or gross. No flavours overwhelmed. We also shared an Evolution salad with bleu cheese. Sometimes I wonder if certain foods are simply transport mechanisms for bleu cheese. I can too easily overeat that moldy wonder, leaving my intestines to regret my mouth’s pleasure.

Bon nuit from the Northeast Kingdom..

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