DIY: Dog sweaters

Before shutting down to lay me down for some shut eye, I came upon this article about two kooks who knit their dogs hair into sweaters. I’m excited to find this, but then disappointed to learn yet another idea is not original. Such is life and art. For the past four years, and fifth coming up, I’ve been shearing little red girl’s hair and saving the coats. Her first coat came off as one continuous piece so it’s future will be as a sculptural hanging piece. The past three years her coat has come off in sections but are stored in the shape of her body.

One afternoon down playing at our beach, two Quaker woman visiting Gotham for an afternoon quickly explained carding to me. They told me, or perhaps gently scoffed at me that making yarn is indeed possible from the dreadlock mess she winds up with before the annual shear. Little man will have his second shearing the same afternoon in May. One of the women on the Vermont trip told me her family dog seemed to illustrate shame when she was sheared, as if she were naked. My leaping lipizzaner poodles run around barking for all the world to hear what I loosely translate akin to some of the words Dr. King once spoke.

before & after pics TK

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