An Easter omelette

After nearly a week of motoring to, from and around Vermont, it’s been a treat to spend the weekend with the dogs. I’ve enjoyed a relaxing and productive time of it. Since today’s a holiday, I’ve consolidated the traditional foods into one afternoon prandium including a new omelette, a salade, and some French hard cidre. The meal includes elements of my French and Italian roots.

The omelette, which I made with Molinari Tuscana hot salami is in keeping with early Christianity’s bid to sever it’s identity with Judaism. Ever wonder why so many folks serve ham on Easter Sunday, when Jesus was supposedly a sacrificial lamb? Food theorists posit eating pork is a fundamental signifier of one’s faith and identity as part of one group (Christians) and not another (Jews). I’ve never liked ham very much either way, but salami is a whole other story.

An omelette to signify Christian remnants on Easter Sunday
Makes two servings

Three fresh eggs
Three slices of Molinari Tuscana hot salami cut into triangles*
Marinated mozzarella balls sliced
Tablespoon of olio
Pat of good butter
Cracked piper
Pinch of sel

Crack three fresh eggs into a bowl and beat well with a fork. Add marinated mozzarella slices and mix. Add a pinch of sel and cracked piper. Meanwhile, olio and a pat of good butter are heating in a pan on the stove. Pour beaten fresh eggs and marinated mozzarella mixture into the pan and adjust flame to medium-low to slow cook. When the bottom of the omelette forms a seal, add triangles of Molinari Tuscana hot salami. Let cook through until the bottom releases from the pan.


Serve on a plate and dress with a little more cracked piper. See une grande salade for recipe.


Buen provecho..

*No reference to a trinity—holy or otherwise—was intended.

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