A new omelette on a fine Saturday afternoon

Today started early and was a beautiful afternoon in Gotham. Except for some cold snaps, rain, and perhaps vaguely recall snowfall a while back, the winter has been more springlike throughout. A puffy vest and scarf kept me warm and cool enough while out and about.

Doing morning errands I thought of a new omelette to make. I kept my mind trained on preparing it and successfully avoided making the mistake I make too often when I’m out,–which of late especially proves a major assault to an austerity budget–and stop in somewhere for a sit down meal. Actually, I only succeeded in not getting a sweat snack. I started the morning at a kosher diner for a bowl of matzo ball soup. But I don’t consider that an infarction as I’m yet to learn to make matzo balls. And I’m hoping the penicillin effect will protect me from more legitimate winter climes in Vermont.

Thinking about my new dish, I considered its’ merits as an omelette, a potential quiche, and a relative to the tortilla. It clearly turned out to be an omelette. But if I poured it into a pie crust and baked it, would make a fine quiche. If there were a couple potatoes hiding out in my bottom cabinet, could also make an interesting turn on a tortilla. Though I won’t be making another for a while. The blade of the mandolin I bought in Japan may be dulling. Last time I sliced two good pieces off my ring finger and thumb. I promise no human body parts went into making the tortilla. But either way, this is food for one and I was the sole feeder of said tortilla. I’m not grossed out very easily, but this last passage may turn off one or two of my devoted readers.

So to the fine omelette I tap..

Sautéed shallot and red Swish chard omelette
Makes four servings

One bunch fresh red Swiss chard, washed and dried well, and finely chopped
Four no antibiotic/hormone brown eggs, beaten in a bowl
Four or five small fresh marinated mozzarella balls, sliced
One shallot semi-finely chopped
Pat of good butter
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper

Heat olio and good butter in a dependable omelette pan, making sure to swirl it around to coat the bottom and sides. Sauté shallot until lightly browned then add the chopped red Swiss chard, and sauté until just soft and wilts a bit. Pour in the beaten eggs and place the marinated mozzarella ball slices around. Season with cracked piper, crushed red pepper, and a pinch of sel. Cover and let it cook on low to medium heat until it cooks through. Unless you burn it, when the omelette is finished cooking, should release from the bottom of the pan.


Alternatives to preparing this omelette include, but are not limited to: mix the marinated mozzarella into the eggs first, or pour the eggs into an empty pan and place marinated mozzarella, and the sautéed red Swiss chard and shallot down the center, and fold the omelette in from either side when it’s just about cooked. I make my omelettes either flat and open face-like or folded in from the sides. For some reason I almost never make an omelette folded in half. I have no idea why. I just don’t.


Bon appétit..

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