Prandium this week

I’ve heard of a woman who maintains an online diary of what she eats every day. When Daily Prandium was created, I thought about doing this. But firstly, it’s hardly original. Then, it would likely be boring and redundant, though certainly nuanced. But mainly, it would be too personal for my liking. Eating is an intimate act. And as it is, I find a bit too many personal tidbits are tapped here than should be. But such is Daily Prandium and it’s evolution.

My prandium includes many of the same staple and frugal foods from day to day and week to week. As the year progresses there are seasonal changes, additions, and omissions as I tend towards seasonal and local eating—as produce becomes available and are appealing to me. At least and especially, there are certain foods I will not eat off season, namely New Jersey blueberries, stone fruit and some tree fruits. So, beginning today, I’ll tap a weekly prandium list. I’ll continue to tap recipes as I make up something new or a variation of my themes. Got heuvos? Even one might suffice.

The weekly list is one element that springs from my interest in the frugal aspect of prandium. Food studies wonks tend to consider issues of elitism in regards to food. Altogether an issue worthy of ongoing discourse. Though I submit for your consideration—frugal foods. My bias, or hypothesis is that frugal foods are not frugal at all, and that elite and frugal foods are not mutually exclusive. For example, considered in a historical context, foods fundamental to a prandium—bread, dried and fresh fruit, vegetables, and leftovers (banquet foods, read: meat)—aren’t frugal at all. Nowadays, pints of fresh figs—procured in season—cost around four to five dollars in Gotham. Is the five dollar fig a frugal food? If you’re on the food stamp diet, it is not whatsoever. The example of the fig is my launch pad for frugal thoughts. Please do submit comments. I’d love to hear from you and you and you.

Inaugural Prandium this week..

Café au lait (Porto rico fair trade beans & Fairway milk)
McCann’s oat bran (Ireland)
Liberté yoghurt (Canada)
Post frosted mini wheats
Pink grapefruits (FL)
Fruikiwi kiwi (Italy)
Honeycrisp apples (NY)
Strawberries (FL)
Cabot five thousand month super extra sharp cheddar (VT)
Dearest Fairway marinated mozzarella balls (Gotham)
Tuscano Molinari hot salimi (Italy)
Avocado (Viva Mexico!)
Green leaf lettuce (Salad bowl, CA)
Baby field greens, baby spinach and baby arugula mix (CA)
Endive (CA)
Red pepper
Baby carrots
Huevos (Fairway brand, local)
Murray’s roast poulet (Gotham)
Seltzer (NJ)
Badoit (France)
Coconut water (Brazil)
Peppermint tea
Green tea
Dupont cidre bouche (France)
Olio (Italy)
Balsamic vinegar (Italy)
Cabot’s (good) butter (VT)
Dijon moutard (France)
Cracked piper
Crushed red pepper
Achem, shaky cheese
Popcorn (Northeast organic home pop kernels)

I’ve also eaten some delightful, thoroughly satisfying meals out this week. I’ll tap about them soon.

Buon provecho..

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