All aboard the farm fresh fashion train

Along with food, art, design, colour, and fashion are some of my original disciplines, or passions, that I’ve spent time thinking about, pouring over, studying, making, curating, and spending on. When I prepared for class in Vermont, our professors emphasized we’d be walking in mud at the farms. So, I figured it was time to get a pair of rubber boots. Yes, even in my austerity budgeted grad school days, I remain something of a consumer, especially when it comes to that which swathes the feet and lil’doggies.

I scanned online shoe websites for the right pair. After some hemming and hawing, I resisted the temptation to buy a pair of wellies with vegetables allover them. I just couldn’t subject myself to being that kind of foodie geek. But it took a few day to finally back down before opting for a pair from a shop here in Gotham. They’re a classic style, green with brown trim, and made for walking long distances. The mud didn’t turn out to be such an issue in Vermont, but rainy spring days are here and they will get plenty of wear.

These are the fruity and veggie booties that elude me. Go ahead and get yourself a pair. Let me wear them vicariously through you and you and you..


From another discipline of weakness,—handbags—I received a marketing e-mail from LeSportSac. That little Timmy Schifter always has his finger on the pulse of what is hot and fresh this season. Their new print, Alphaville, sports barnyard animals—chickens, pigs, geese, rabbits, and cows. Though they resisted the urge to go green with earth tones, instead selected a more psychedelic colour palate.


Wear in good health..

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